Conri Fallon is King. King of the boardroom, the bedroom, and above all else, King of all wolf shifters of Irish decent. It's not any easy job. For starters, there's a whole other clan that wants him dead. And there's a woman of legend who will either be his salvation or his destroyer. It doesn't help that the moment he meets her, it's clear that she is meant to be his in every way.

Orla Kelly is happy with her life. The good, the bad and the ugly. The good part is that she's top of her class in med school, destined for greatness. But she's not your stereotypical beauty. Sure, she has a pretty face and great boobs, but she's just too curvy for her own good. She's grown into her body, and come out on top, the rarest of women. An alpha female. Which is fine and dandy when you're living in Manhattan. But a whole other issue when you find out you're part wolf. And even more difficult when you find yourself surrounded by a pack of hot men. But there can only be one Alpha. And she holds the balance of power.