Louise Henry

Louise Henry is the polar opposite of herself. She likes a house blocked with friends and family, but can hide away with her characters for a solid week. She likes fine wine and even finer food, but has been known to survive for days on oatmeal, which is all her characters will permit her when they want their story told. Demanding lot. Most importantly, she likes to write of sadness and tragedy, balanced by hope, reconciliation, and love. 

Louise has always admired strong writing, snappy plot lines, and engaging characters in books she's read and strives to bring that to her stories. Blindsided is Louise's first crack at contemporary romance.

On paper, Sophie Campbell’s got it together. As chief communications officer, she practically runs City Hall. She’s even managed to survive her nutty mother. But when it comes to love, no one can get close to her. No one, that is, until she unexpectedly gets a new boss—the California hot shot who’s stolen the job that should have been hers.

Marcus Lewis knows what he wants and it’s not another woman in his life. On the run from a bad break-up, he finds the perfect hide-away: a sleepy New York suburb where he’s offered the position of city manager. Perfect, that is, until he meets the one woman who isn’t at all happy with his arrival. 

Stranded together during a blizzard is the last thing either wants. But as the storm intensifies and the power goes out across town, Sophie and Marcus are forced to admit to a mutual—and sizzling—desire, while a coincidence rooted in their pasts closes in.